About Us

We have been involved in teaching sports for over 25 years and Get Active Sports has been providing programs to children since 2006. We provide the best experience in providing children with the opportunity to try sports for the first time in a fun, affordable and friendly environment. If your child loves sports or wants to try a sport for the first time we are the sports provider for you!

We are passionate about sports, have been around for a long time and love to get kids active. Our program is easy to register for, the best valued sports program for children and most of all great fun for all that become involved.

Our programs run on Saturday and Sunday mornings across separate aged sessions. Our separate age groups are great as they allow children to learn in an environment that will have them in an age group that is appropriate for them.

All programs are run indoors so they are not affected by weather.

We provide programs focusing on the following sports:

  • Basketball;
  • Soccer;
  • Cricket;
  • Aussie Rules;
  • Tennis

Our range of sports allow pre-school, pre-primary and junior primary children to participate in many different programs throughout the year. Each sport is moved through our centres so that children get the chance to try a different sport each term. Each location has one sport per term. We have NO competitive game play.

What is great about Get Active Sports is you know what sport you will do for the whole term. Along with that you get a piece of equipment to take home and you don’t end up doing sports that your child doesn’t really want to do! Children’s skills and confidence improve by doing the same sport and skills of their sport regularly. Our feedback finds children really want to try a particular sport and don’t want the sport to change every couple of weeks. Children learn through repetition and this is gained through a longer focus on one sport. Get Active Sports programs allow your child to learn at a speed that makes them feel comfortable.

Each centre runs for 6 weeks per term so children receive the same program every term, in any location, in any State. Our program includes a ball, cricket bat or tennis racquet for each participant that you can take home, practise with and keep at the end of the program. No other program can compare in quality and price.

Programs are only $90 for any program and there are no hidden extra costs. We are proud of our price as it allows more families to do our program. There are no uniforms to worry about. Each child just needs to turn up to our sessions in whatever they feel comfortable running around in and sneakers.

As our programs run on weekends so we have access to many coaches who have experience through teaching, childcare, coaching and playing their specialist sport and, most of all, love working with kids! All coaches have a Working With Children Check or National Police Clearance.


About Us

We provide children with the opportunity to try sports for the first time in a fun, affordable and friendly environment.


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